Moush, sweet Moush - Mapping Memories from Armenia and Turkey

The final publication of the 4-year-long Turkish-Armenian reconciliation project SPEAKING TO ONE ANOTHER is available in its English version now. An additional Turkish-Armenian language version will be out soon. The book consists of jointly composed contributions of three subjects: Oral History, Photography and Performance. It is an oustanding work that shows that a peaceful and common future of both, Armenians and Turks, is possible.

Speaking to One Another: Personal Memories of the Past in Armenia and Turkey

The book is a product of the research project, "Adult Education and Oral History Contributing to Armenian-Turkish Reconciliation" conducted between August 2009 and February 2010 in various locations in Armenia and Turkey. It is based on oral history methodology and includes the stories of everyday people from the two countries interviewed by the students who were trained during the summer camp in Dilijan, Armenia in oral history skills and methodology.