History Bridges

is a research based network of organizations, groups and individuals dealing with the past contributing to democratic and pluralistic societies in our countries.

The network:

● focuses on the contemporary history of the region;

● aims to overcome current conflicts and stereotypes and promotes reconciliation within and among countries, groups and individuals;

● works on local and oral history, history from below, biographic history and neglected stories;

● aims to promote active citizenship;

● aims to dissiminate its products through adult education including trainings, seminars, workshops, study trips and conferences;

● coordinates and shares information, good practices and innovative ideas;

● network achievs its goals through a joint website, various online tools, joint projects and meetings;

● provides capacity building activities for its members.

The network has been initiated in Hopa (Turkey) in June 2012 by organizations coming from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Germany, Turkey and Ukraine.

For more information please also visit our joint facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HistoryBridges

The network is open for new members! Join us and help us confronting the past and acting for a common future!