DVV International in Turkey

Team of the Nizip Community Education Centre (Opening Ceremony March 2015)

DVV International office in Turkey: 

DVV International is in the process of establishing an office in Turkey. DVV International has been active in Turkey since 2009 with its Armenian - Turkish reconciliation project called "Speaking to One Another". After a century of conflict and lack of dialogue, this project aimed to build bridges between Turkey's and Armenia's populations through Adult Education, intercultural exchange and oral history research.


Since May 2015 the successor project "Acting Together: Together on the Road in 2015" is implemented. More information can be found in the menu of this website.

DVV International is striving to expand its activities in Turkey to VET education, civic education and other relevant fields of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning.

In April 2011 DVV (the German Adult Education Association) and Turkish Ministry of Education have signed a Cooperation Protocol on Lifelong Learning and Adult Education. The implementation of this protocol includes inter alia job shadowing of personnel of German and Turkish Adult Education Centers, trainings of trainers, workshops and expert conferences. DVV International Turkey and its partners are coordinating the efforts to fill the Cooperation Protocol with life. For 2015 a vital exchange of Turkish and German Adult Educators is planned.

The Turkish YUVA Association is the strategical partner for implementing projects helping to better situation of refugees from Syria. By now two community learning centers have been jointly established for Syrian refugees and local population: One is located in Kirikhan and the other in Nizip.

More information can be obtained from YUVA's website: http://yuva.org.tr/en